Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Good Knight and God bless

I've just found out that Zat Knight has been transferred to Villa for £3.5m. Considering that Fulham's problems this so far this season have been in defence, I'm slightly surprised about this turn of events.
However the truth is that big Zat Knight, England international, is not actually that good. He is like the complete negative of a gestalt entity. He's big. He's strong. He's quick. He's fairly comfortable in possession. He can head a ball. He's got long legs. All these are perfect ingredients for a world class centre-half - it's just like he's been taken out of the oven too early.
Watching him as a neutral is intensely frustrating. You want him to do well and make the most out of what nature has provided. It just doesn't work out that way. His marking his awry. He can't read the game. He gets out muscled too often. His passing is pretty poor. Unfortunately, for some reason, Zat Knight is less than the sum of his parts. But that's Villa's problem now. It's probably why he scored for them last weekend.

With Brown gone before the season started and Knight somehow fitting himself through the transfer window, once again I need someone to be overly critical of in the Fulham squad. Because of his sizable transfer fee (and the fact he is unlikely to bugger off before Saturday), I think it will have to be Diomansy Kamara.

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