Thursday, 16 August 2007

Fulham 2 - 1 Bolton Wanderers

Craven Cottage was like an easy-listening Scottish band last night - Wet wet wet. A couple of friends who'd secured £5 seats in an uncovered part of the ground didn't even bother sitting there - choosing to watch from inside the stand instead. I suppose you don't mind so much if it only cost a fiver.
It wasn't the best of starts either - I was the only one sat in our bank of seats for the first ten minutes because of problems with the fancy credit card ticket turnstiles. As soon as everyone arrived, Bolton scored with Tony Warner making a bigger clanger than Jens Lehmann. None of us saw it though, as everyone was just getting settled into their new seats for the season.
A full-bodied fight back from Fulham saw them score two goals, but as they were at the other end of the pitch we didn't have the best view. Mind you, it was possible to see the deflection on Smertin's shot from space.
Considering the conditions, the quality of football was much higher than many anticipated and Fulham's backline looked particularly competent, with Bocanegra worthy of his own mention thanks to a series of last gasp blocks.
Beer's gone up to £3.50 a bottle - but I guess the club's got to recoup some money from the £299 season tickets somewhere.
The unanswered question: Why did the referee change his top from the yellow one in the first half to a green one in the second?

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Kat Wright said...

Even more curious - how could you tell?

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