Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Up the Arsenal

I didn't see the Arsenal v Fulham game (why have a match on a Sunday if it's not being televised? strange) but I did make sure I waited up to see David Healy's goal which my Orange mobile phone told me was scored on 0 minutes!
A debut goal with your first ever touch? And people thought that he might not be able to make the step up. Plus it had the added value of making Mad Jens Lehmann look like a complete arse (link maybe be pulled down soon).
In honour of this escapade, and the fact that most of us used to watch Healy in his PNE days, we will now introduce HEALYWATCH onto the blog to chart his progress - on the home games anyway.
Looks like there are about 15 of us going to this match tomorrow night, should be a laugh even if the football is poor. Sunday's performance is promising though.

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