Tuesday, 28 August 2007


It seems that I, along with many other football watchers, have done a disservice to David Healy. Many people thought he couldn't hack it in the top league, especially as his time at Leeds was not exactly prolific. However his tenure in Yorkshire also coincided with the club melting down a few times, which might have had some affect on the team too.
This dismissal of Healy's talents is despite his ridiculously good goals to game ratio for Northern Ireland, which we have to remember is a particularly poor national side. If Lawrie Sanchez hadn't have come to Fulham, I don't think any Premiership team would have taken a chance on Healy and as such I think at around £1m he could turn into the bargain of the close season.
Okay he's scored twice in four games (three times if you count the Middlesbrough match) but that still means he's scored more than Manchester United so far. He also scored another two last week for his country. It's not the goals that have impressed me either - it's the intelligent movement. He always seems to be moving and using his brain as a much as his physical attributes. His off the ball running has impressed me greatly and he could be a massive factor in whether FFC stay up.
The team is playing nice enough football to stay up easily, but the run of bad luck they have experienced is a bit worrying.
It's that consistent that I had a bet on Fulham to lose 2-1 at Villa. Four matches all ending 2-1 with the team that go into the lead ending up losing? I wonder what the odds are for Spurs at weekend?

David Healy
Games 4
Goals 2*
Hit ratio 50%

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