Sunday, 2 September 2007

Fulham 3 - 3 Tottenham Hotspur

There's something particularly special about a 3-3 scoreline in football. It's the one you sit up and take notice of when it flashes over the videprinter. It's the game that you don't mind watching on Match of the Day even though your team's not involved. However, the scoreline rarely happens at a game that you actually attend.
I'm not sure but I think I broke my 3-all virginity yesterday. It was not really what I was expecting, but thoroughly enjoyable at full time. Another Fulham game, another goalkeeping blunder costing an early goal. In fact Antii Niemi put in one of the most jittery performances from a goalkeeper I've seen in an age. Hopefully he'll settle down.
In the first half, Fulham were woeful. Dejan Stefanovic, thrown straight into the first team, just didn't look fit and had no communication with Bocanegra. At one point they literally bumped into each other in the penalty area. The main problem for Fulham this season now is going to be pace at the back - they have none. Both Tottenham's second and third goals were from balls played in behind the back four.
Spurs completely dominated the first half and should have been four up by the break, except Dempsey scored a really powerful header from a corner (one of those that you head in yourself from the seat) and that appeared to put a bit of fire in Fulham's belly for the second half where they actually looked like a football team.
The goal by Smertin was reminiscent of the OG scored by Spurs captain Gary Mabbutt in the Cup Final way back in 1987. The fact that Smertin 'scored' was typical of this game - he'd been pretty awful all match.
As for the equaliser... well I saw the overhead kick and thought there was no way that would go in. Then everyone celebrated! Robinson gets lobbed from within his penalty area again! How short is he? 5'6? It was a great feeling, especially as Fulham really didn't deserve anything from the match. As I hugged Adam, I realised that this is the sort of game which can really endear a club to you. They showed a bit of fight and pulled themselves back into it. Nice one! Plus it shut up the Spurs fans who were sat in an executive box just behind us.

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Tunde said...

ive never seen so many chinamen laugh so heartily as when kamara got that third goal.

never mind liverpool were 6-0 up on the other 12 screen in the bar, all eyes were on the shoddy, slightly torn screen in the corner.

i swear the was a malay fulham fan who corked a bottle of champagne afterwards to celebrate...!

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