Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Fulham 3 - 3 Manchester City

What a strange experience that was. Sitting in the away end at Craven Cottage was not an experience I would like to repeat. Watching the game with my City supporting pal, I found it very hard to celebrate goals against Fulham. I kept find myself verbally encouraging the Cottagers, despite my surroundings.
Still - another quite incredible match. I've calculated that so far I have paid £3.33 a goal. Anyone else offer that kind of value for money? It's just a shame that only half the goals have been scored by Fulham. If they could defend they'd be dangerous.
By far the pick of the goals was Hameur Bouazza's rocket of a free-kick. It was the first time I'd really noticed HB do anything other than dislocate his shoulder, so it was a pleasant surprise. The goal was reminiscent of Eric Cantona's free-kick against Arsenal many moons ago which was described by the commentator at the time as an 'exocet'.
Of the new boys - Danny Murphy obviously scored and could have even got a winner - but the most interesting player is Seol Ki-Hyeon. I'd seen him score a couple of screamers for Reading and he showed some great touches when he came on. But what stood out was how big he was. I didn't think the Koreans made them that tall.
I also found something else out - Putney Station is not just 10 minutes from the ground and the park between the bridge and Cottage is much bigger than you expect. It meant I arrived late for the game, but fortunately not too late to see Davies ghost in at the front post for the opener.

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