Tuesday, 4 September 2007

In and out the streets of Putney

The forthcoming international week is a good time to reflect on the end of the recent transfer window and Laurie Sanchez leaving everything until the last minute. I suppose after Saturday he could argue that he was leading by example.
I don't understand the late rush in the transfer window, but I can't deny that it's exciting if your team is involved.
While United were quiet as ever, Fulham signed four players on deadline day and sold another two. The picture shows my view of them being introduced to the Fulham fans. Even more surprising is that only one of Fulham's new signings was a defensive player - considering the team is conceding an average of 2 goals every game.
Stefanovic started on Saturday and looks a competent, if slower, replacement for Knight. As for where Sanchez is going to fit Danny Murphy and Sol Ki-Hyeon (yes, I did have to check the spelling) into a midfield still awaiting the return of Jimmy Bullard is beyond me, but it should be good watching him try. It should also belie the long-ball tag that has been unfairly attached to him. Kuqi as a short-term replacement for McBride might be quite useful and brings something to the team that no-one else does. As long as he just brings it from the bench.
The in and outs also refers to our rag tag of season ticket holders. In three matches so far, there's been a different line up every time. A lot of us are finding that real life is getting in the way of going to Fulham, especially if you're not that bothered. I think part of the problem is that it is not frequent enough. There are only two home games a month, which kind of stops you getting in a rhythm.
Also, despite the name of the blog, out of the next five Fulham home games, three are televised. Who said Fulham aren't fashionable enough for TV? Oh yeah, it was me. Still, with an average of four goals per game at the matches I have been too this season, on a personal level I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

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