Saturday, 6 October 2007

An even stranger 'fan'

It's been a while since I posted. I've been ridiculously busy, which meant I missed the Bolton Carling Cup match (good move) and even had to turn down a free ticket to the Chelsea away match (bad move).
Anyway, I was looking back at some of my photos from the City match when I was sat in the away end and very uncomfortable and I came across this photograph that I felt I wanted to share it. It may look like a photograph of my wee mate Peter, but you'd be wrong. It's actually a photo of the guy next to him - the strangest football spectator I have ever seen at a match.
He never moved from his seat. He kept his rather full bag on his lap. He was dressed quite smartly considering it was a Saturday. He was not moved by anything that happened on the pitch. Considering this was a rip roaring 3-3 draw, that takes some doing.
I don't think he was even watching the football. Throughout the game he was reading 'Lighthouse' a magazine for stamp collectors. He left with about 20 minutes left. The City fan on the other side said he could understand the guy's behaviour if it was the previous season. "We'd be asking him to pass it around," he joked.
I have yet to come up a plausible reason as to why he was there, especially as it was £30 a ticket. My theory is that he still lives at home with his mother and she, being doollally, has bought him a ticket because that's what all the young kids are doing these days. And he's gone under sufferance. This doesn't tally with him being in the away end though. Maybe he gets sexual gratification from being among a noisy crowd? I'd love to find out his story. I would have asked him, but you kinda got the feeling he'd roll on the floor in a ball and scream if anyone noticed him.

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