Tuesday, 16 October 2007

A new football trend

I went to Wembley last Saturday on a work jolly, despite the fact that it meant missing the Scotland v Ukraine match. The match was quite entertaining, especially in the first half, so I was somewhat surprised to find a real negative reaction to the game and performance.
I was also surprised to hear Frank Lampard booed when he came on as sub. As I have also heard the Fulham fans booing twice this season already, it seems that it is an accepted way of showing slight displeasure these days.
When I first started watching football, booing your own team was the absolute worse thing the fans could do. It would frequently be the last thing a manager heard before being handed his P45. Now it seems booing is somewhat a matter of course.
I was sat in the Club Wembley seats, rather near the pitch. In fact I could see the 'bench' along my row. It was strange sitting in a cushioned seat at the football - it was like being at the cinema. The seat immediately in front even had one of those pouches you get on car seats for you to put your programme in. The only other place I've seen cushioned seats in Arsenal's Emirate's Stadium. These nouveau stadia!
While I was watching the game, I was also receiving text updates on the Scotland match, so occasionally I was standing up and punching the air, while all those around me had no idea what I was doing. My father would be proud.

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