Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Fulham 0 - 0 Derby County

In all my years of going to football, I can only remember attending one goalless game before - a Champions League game - the first match of Man United's defence of the trophy which was a home game against Croatia Zagreb. There have probably been more, but I just don't remember them. I hope I don't remember this one.
A turgid first half display by both Fulham and, in my opinion, referee Phil Dowd was compounded by the injury time sending off of Paul Konchesky. However as I had been so disillusioned by the match to this point I had already gone to the Riverside Bar for what was actually a cracking pint. We heard the boos that greeted the dismissal, but were not minded to find out what was going on.
When the second half started, I was slightly confused that Seol Ki-Hyeon was replaced for a defender. While Ki-Hyeon himself was next to useless on the pitch, I felt sure Simon Davies would replace him, not Bocanegra. Mind you, the match got more exciting after the change and Fulham actually looked threatening for the first time. In fact the game became rather open, a fact that would have made more sense had I counted the number of people wearing a white shirt. In my defence, three other people with me also didn't realise.
Fulham did well with 10 players and had their chances to win the game, although not as many as Derby. The midfield looked like it needed a general to boss the game; the team is lacking a leader at the moment. It's a shame, as I would have liked to have seen Derby stuffed thanks to a general dislike of the little gobshite Billy Davies, who has rubbed my up the wrong way ever since he left Preston North End in a non too gracious fashion.
Not beating teams like Derby at home suggests Fulham will struggle this season and one win from 10 games demonstrates this. How Fulham current sit at 13th in the table with 8 points is extremely surprising, but they are only one point from the drop zone. In that context, this draw might be quite valuable in the scheme of things, but if the team don't win a game soon the crowd will be calling for Sanchez's blood.

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