Friday, 12 October 2007

Fulham 0 - 2 Portsmouth

I guess this is the game where I realised that the experiment really wasn't working. Despite this being the fifth match I've seen with Fulham this season, I really couldn't get upset by the fact that they lost. I recognised the seeming injustice - Fulham had three really good chances to score just before half time only to be defeated by two deflected goals - but it really was not engaging like previous games had been.
The injudicious defeat against Boro had kept me involved until the end, with the team pushing on and scoring a disallowed, perfectly legal goal in injury time which Chris Kamara is currently lionising on YouTube, but this just fell flat from the second goal.
Perhaps its because I was distracted because Ben & Claire were due to show up just after half time and I was keeping an eye on my phone to make sure I could get tickets out to them. Perhaps it was because Fulham didn't look like scoring. Perhaps it's because I was full of a cold. Perhaps it's because I didn't care.
I think my sojourn to the away end has almost had a cauterising effect on me from Fulham's plight and that gap needs to heal again. It would help if they were competitive throughout the match though. Unlike the legend that is Jimmy Hill (pictured in the corner), Fulham didn't come out for the second half and it cost them.
Again, I'm surprised at the almost willingness for the fans to start booing Fulham if things don't go their way. The team's been a bit unlucky this season and if they don't rectify this soon it may become a habit. But who the hell do the fans think they are watching? This was a team that began the Millennium in the lower leagues. Without a support actually supporting them, it could soon find its way back there.

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