Sunday, 30 January 2011

Total FA Cup for Spurs

As it stands it is half time and Fulham are 4-0 up against 10-man Spurs. Incredible. Why am I not there? Well after going to both league games against Tottenham and being thoroughly irked by the manner of their two wins (as well as last season's 0-0 draw), I decided I did not intend attending.
It seems all the luck that evaded them for the two previous league meetings has been returned with interest. Aided by Harry Redknapp pulling a Fergie and messing around with both personnel and formation, Spurs started sluggishly and Fulham pressurised them into mistakes. And how.
Two penalties later, which from watching in real time I didn't think were pens, and kudos has to go to the ref for spotting them. However the Dawson red card was a bit harsh. Did he prevent a goalscoring opportunity? He certainly impeded it using foul play. What the hell is the rule these days?
Anyway, Fulham kept their momentum with a quick third from a corner and then Dembele scored out of nothing to put the tie to bed before the half time whistle. It's strange to analyse a game like this. Basically Spurs cocked up so badly at the start, Fulham have capitalised and are now out of sight. Hopefully.

Wish I'd have gone now.


Mariyiddo said...

Fulham were definately much better than us on the day. More urgency, better attacking play and most of all better defending. The red card for Dawson was definitely controversial, but all in all a bad performance from us but an excellent display from Fulham. Good luck in the league lads, hope you get into the position you deserve. ;)

Bad Andy said...

Yeah it is an odd situation where Gomes would have been better letting Dembele score, as then Dawson wouldn't have been sent off and while it would still be 2-0 it would be 11 v 11.
Having said that Dawson was a bit of a liability in this game and could have caused more damage then he prevented had he stayed on the pitch.
Just a bad day at the office.

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