Friday, 14 January 2011

Meet the fans - Adam

With a trip to Wigan for a very, very important game (which will end up 0-0) ahead of us, I thought I'd continue introducing the people who have been season ticket holders with us these past four years.

Name: Adam
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Season tickets held: 2006/2007, 2007/8
Football team supported: Fulham FC
Why did you get a Fulham Season Ticket: Living locally to Fulham since 2000 and loving football generally (not an easy task for an Aussie), went to see them play a few times and caught the bug.
Favourite Game: Vs Tottenham back in 2007 (i think) when Kamara did the overhead bicycle kick to draw the match and the Hammy End broke into a spontaneous round of "3-1 and you fucked it up, 3-1"
Favourite Goal: Danny Murphy against Portsmouth to keep us in the league. I'd moved to Asia by the time but remember watching the match in Singapore thinking that this is possibly the last time I’d see my beloved Fulham on TV (they show every Fulham match live here by the way) for a long time! Thankfully things turned out well!
Favourite Player: Moritz Volz!
Least favourite player: Shefki Kuki
What do Fulham now mean to you (if anything?): Nothing... EVERYTHING (Nod to "Kingdom of Heaven")....

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