Friday, 7 January 2011

Deja Vu again - FUL 3 - 0 WBA

I do like night games And the round of Premier League matches this midweek were so interesting that I think it should be done more often. Fulham fans were spoilt on Thursday nights last season, especially considering the results the team achieved, so let's have some more.
Most people are getting giddy about this game and how it's a corner turned, but it was just a bit more of the same for me, the only difference being that WBA couldn't defend for toffee. It kind of felt like the false dawn experienced after the comfortable dismantling of Wigan in October which was followed up with 8 games without a win. Still Fulham were due their slice of luck the way things have been going this season - hopefully it won't have all come in the same match.
The first half was almost ruined for me by the incessant prattling of someone behind me comparing everything to the computer games Fifa 11 and Football Manager. It really was tiresome.  Fortunately it seemed to be for his mates as well, as he barely mentioned either game in the second half after they took the mickey out of him. I don't know where they were supposed to be sitting, but they were marauding around the stand like scavengers looking for free seats that they could sit near some people they know. Hey, at least they turn up, unlike Ish these days. I do wonder why he renewed his season ticket again. I think he's missed the last six.
The goals Fulham scored from corners were ridiculously easy, so much so it begs the question why Simon Davies is so keen to take short ones all the time. But in this game they were helped by the diminutive size of the makeshift West Brom back line and Scott Carson seemingly suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after his attempt at a save in the first half from Davies' hopeful shot just speared the ball into the top corner, much to the astonishment of the Hammy End.
Johnny P had one of his more random games, while the rest of the squad continued some decent form without looking too dangerous. The subs Eddie Johnson and Riise were woeful in the short time they had though. The former didn't even get a touch and the later looked concussed. It was a shame - he was occasionally effective last season.
As to where Steve Sidwell fits into this team I don't know. It's the strikeforce that needs strengthening as a priority, not the midfield.

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"scott Carson seemingly suffering from post traumatic stress disorder"

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