Saturday, 2 May 2009

Another casualty

Well here's the good news - most of us have renewed our season ticket once again. Despite the outrageous increase in cost (well £10 because we got in so early), Jarrod, Ishan and I will be sitting in H7 again next season unless the Fulham ticket office really mess things up. This is a possibility if Jarrod's account of his conversation with the bods in there is anything to go on.

You may have noticed a casualty. Colin, after one season, will not be renewing. Anyone would think it was a pain to get to Fulham from near Crystal Palace? An ambition to improve his eduction (us lads from East Manchester didn't really get one) means that something had to give, time-wise and that was a commitment to football. I'm sure he will still see a lot of games next year though - hell someone has got to sit in Ish's seat.

The encouraging news is that Jarrod has a couple of mates who want to join us next year, although how they will get two extra tickets around us remains to be seen.

All we need now is a victory at the Bridge today to help the team kick on for sixth place, which isn't as fanciful as it may seem. They are six points behind Everton who still have to come to Craven Cottage (where they have not won since the 1960s) and also have one eye on the FA Cup Final. Mind you, let's not get greedy - everyone would be ecstatic with 7th.

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