Saturday, 3 May 2008

It's now or never!

Well today's either going to be excellent or a massive damp squib. My City supporting mate is down from Manchester with his bird and 5-year-old daughter so we are all going along. This is good because whenever Pete watches a Fulham game there is an average of five goals scored (and thanks for the points last week mate!).
I hope Woy starts with McBride and Healey and then brings Kamara and Nevland on - that tactic was pretty effective last week and Kamara has never really done the business when he has started a game.
It's going to be soooo tense. Ish and Coops are actually going to attend this match, with it being the last one of the season and I believe they will see a difference with the crowd. They stopped going because the crowd at Fulham was less than boisterous at the start of the season, but I've told them that this has change over the past few months (starting with the win against Villa).
I've decided that I will probably renew my season ticket (expense permitting) if Fulham do go down. In a way, the Championship is more genuine and exciting anyway than the ultra negative Premiership.

Hopefully it won't be an issue though...

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