Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Fulham 2 - 0 Birmingham City

Well, well, well. The Cottagers do their fans proud and put things back into in their own hands. It may sound like an innuendo, but Fulham's 2-0 win over Brum has provided an opportunity that very few thought possible just a few months ago.
Fulham are now out of the drop zone with one game to play. Unbelievable! As Kammy might say.
We went to the final home game of the season mob-handed as my mate Pete the City fan was down for the bank holiday weekend. In fact Pete must be one of the few hundred people to see Fulham win twice in consecutive weekends. Also with Pete was his five-year old daughter Sara and his bird Emma. Sara has been to a few matches before at Man City, so she was not too phased by Craven Cottage. She absolutely adored the clappers given out though and held them up continuously, at least until she realised that bashing them on people's heads caused a loud noise.
Her presence even emboldened the little lad who sits in front to start talking to us at this match. I say sits in front, the tyke actually sits on the edge of the top of his seat, so during this match he was practically on my lap. He's a nice little lad though, who all season has been watching us chant and tacitly looking for approval whenever he starts singing too.
As for the football, Birmingham are probably one of the worst sides I've seen this season at the Cottage, excepting some of the home team's performances in the middle of the year. They had nothing up front and even less bite than Fulham. I'll be extremely surprised if they stay up.
The big danger is Reading, who may not be playing well but their last game is against Derby. This means Fulham have to win at Portsmouth. No mean feat, but hopefully they will be distracted by the FA Cup final the week after.
Hopefully Brede Hangeland will be playing like he did in this match rather than how he did against Sunderland. He actually looked like a proper decent player against Brum and made barely any mistakes at all. More of the same please.

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