Saturday, 29 March 2008

A different perspective

I managed to score tickets to Man United v Liverpool at Old Trafford on Easter Sunday, so was obviously made up with the result. It's the first time I've made it to the 'Theatre of Dreams' (bleugh) this season and the first time I remember being sat in the South Stand.
I think I am overly critical of Old Trafford as I remember it when it was terracing and therefore brilliant (Nostalgia Rule 3.4), but I expected the whole ground to be up for a match against Liverpool. This will be more like how it used to be!
Indeed the Stretford End were in great voice and there was even some noise in the East Stand. The South Stand, however, was deathly quiet. I would much rather have been in the Hammersmith End (as it was against Everton) watching Fulham. The only good thing about the seats was that Mascheano combusted right in front of us, which was rather amusing. The guy was harassing the referee all through the first half and no-one in the stands was surprised to see him get a red. What a lunatic.
Getting a tea at half time (it had snowed that day) was also a nightmare. The guy who was serving was slower than a glacier. We'd have got our order quicker if I had trained myself in telekinesis while in the queue and used my brainwaves to pass the carton cups over the counter.

As for Fulham. They so need to win today it's not funny. If they don't, I really can't see how they will stay up. If they do win, then there is that horrible affliction called hope that will nag away until the end of the season.

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