Friday, 4 April 2008

Irritating thing, hope.

Okay, so I've decided to plump for the Fulham game against Sunderland tomorrow, despite the Mighty North End's visit to QPR at the same time. For a moment I was considering going to one match, then haring it across West London for the second half of the other match, then I asked myself what the point was. I'll ask myself again at half-time tomorrow.
There were several reasons for doing this:
1) I knew someone else going to the Cottage.
2) If I didn't go tomorrow then there was just the game against Birmingham left (I'm going on holiday for two weeks, so will miss the 'Pool.
3) Preston are more or less safe from relegation after winning five out of six.
4) Fulham still have that outside chance of staying up.
It's that little bit of hope that just sticks in the gut and twists you around a bit. It's horrible.
But a look at the fixtures remaining and it may be possible. Regardless of the fact that Fulham have only won four this season.
H - Sunderland - They'll have to play well, but Fulham did beat Everton and Villa. I reckon this could be a cracking match.
A - Reading - A key match. If Fulham are to stay up they really need to win this one.
H - Liverpool - A repeat of last year's unlikely victory may be on the cards, especially if Liverpool get passed Arsenal and they rest players at the Cottage again.
A - Man City - Have suffered a real slump in form recently. Fulham need to get something from this game, even if its just a point.
H - Birmingham - Another team struggling to stay in the division. This is when the fighters will need to stand up and be counted. But how many fighters are in the squad?
A - Portsmouth - With Pompey highly likely to be in the FA Cup final, they might rest some key players and those left on the pitch might not give 100% if they want to get to Wembley without getting injured.

Then again, Fulham may not get another point this season. Like I said, it's the hope that gets you. Anyone know when Fulham usually try and renew the season tickets? And will they be as cheap as this year considering there are more matches in the Championship?

  • Forgot to mention - At the Man Utd v Liverpool match, the two women sat next to me left 20 minutes before the end! I mean, what's the point?

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