Sunday, 6 April 2008

Fulham 1 - 3 Sunderland

Well this was a real gut churner quite frankly. This was the one where I left feeling betrayed. But how dare I, a johnny-latecomer, feel so annoyed and pissed of at a team that isn't even mine. What about the fans who have been going to the Cottage for decades? Have I any right to get indignant on their behalf?
The main problem with this games is that I had half convinced myself that Fulham were staying up. I even had a bet on at 9/2. Those odds have gone up to 15/2 now and with good reason. After this, another spineless, clueless performance, I have no doubt that Fulham are going down.
Roy Hodgson doesn't appear to have made any difference at all. In fact most of the players on the pitch yesterday were signed by his predecessors, so God knows why he went on that acquisition spree in January. He's not even using them.
One one player he is using was a massive cause for this defeat. Brede Hangeland. It's like watching a hulking marionette at centre half. Zat Knight was more effective. Sunderland manager Roy Keane was on the nose when he said that they didn't play well, but scored at the right times. Just before half-time with the first effort on target, 10 minutes after half time with a route one goal which broke Fulham's belief and then a minute after David Healy showcased his talent with a 20 yard curling left footer to nip in the bud any chance of a revival.
I was very angry at them after the game, but it's hard to know who to blame. Most of the players were trying hard, but didn't really know how to change things. The question is, do I continue going next year if they can piss me off this much?

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