Saturday, 15 March 2008

A bunch of CLINTS

Before Christmas I noticed that the official match day programme had a tendency to use Clint Dempsey's first name in headlines above stories regarding the American striker. I initially thought that it was simply because it's shorter than his surname, no-one else has got the same name making it instantly recognisable and, finally, that its quite a cool name.
However, there might be a more nefarious reason.
Adam, before he buggered off to Singapore, was reading a programme at the match and my eye briefly ran over the page. I had to look again to make sure it DIDN'T say what I initially thought it said.
Try it. Just look at the headline of this post with slightly closed eyes. With the right font, it could be very, very rude. And therefore very, very funny for the compilers of the programme.
Unfortunately Clint hasn't had so many stories about him since the start of the year as the influx of new talent has given the writers some fresh victims to write about.
Personally I am looking forward to more headlines about Clint, who has impressed me with his endeavour this year, with another winner against Liverpool who might be resting players for a semi-final tie in the Champions League, depending on whether they get passed Arsenal.
On a separate note I have managed to score tickets for Man United verses Liverpool next week, which is pleasing as I have missed/will miss the Craven Cottage games with these two teams. If things continue as anticipated, the only team I will have missed this year will be Reading, which is no great loss. Unfortunately I have had the misfortune of watching Wigan twice.

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