Thursday, 6 March 2008

Fulham 0 -1 West Ham United

I've not posted in a while and I only logged in to delete this whole thing. I'm that apathetic about things at the moment. However this may be down to some of the football I've been watching recently.
The West Ham match was a bit of a joke. Fulham had by far the better chances to score. West Ham's goal looked a bit dodgy from the other end of the stadium, but on TV it seemed incredible that it had been allowed. A boot in the goalkeeper's face, followed by by Nobby Solano putting the ball in with his elbow? When you don't have the luck, you do not have the luck.
It didn't help that referee Howard Webb seemed to be booking Fulham players left right and centre for infringements yet letting the Spammers off for exactly the same fouls. I was shocked to see him officiating a Champions League match last night.
The last four times I've seen West Ham they've been unbeaten, with three wins against teams I've been supporting and one draw. Bastards. I really don't like them, especially as they then roll over against Chelsea and Lolerpool.
I didn't attend the Fulham v Man United game for two reasons. One , as a Man United fan myself, I didn't think it would be right to sit with the fans I've been sitting with all season and support the away team. Two - I was in Manchester watching the travesty of a game that was City verses Wigan. Thank god the tickets were freebies.
I've seen some poor matches at Craven Cottage this season, but nothing to rival the souless, goaless draw that, had I been at home, would have had me cancelling my Setanta subscription mid-match.

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