Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Neville on Tevez

Reading through Gary Neville's fascinating Red autobiography and just got to the chapter where he discusses Carlos Tevez. With Tevez's return to the UK and apology to the person he upset (take note Mr Suarez) I wondered if there was an insight as to how the City players would take to the returning prima donna.

First off Neville says that he rates him as a player and 'likes him as a person', despite the very public spat whihc Neville describes as 'handbags'. So that bodes well for re-integration into the team.

However Neville also reveals that the squad didn't think that Tevez was trying as hard in his second season at United: "He'd become very fond of a massage," rather than training. If Tevez feels he has a point to prove then he will no doubt pushing everything to make that point, then he will soon win over the players and the fans. However if he is just going to sulk for four months and 'toss off training' like he did at United then there will be few benefits for City.

Neville also said that Tevez is someone who 'needs to feel the love'. He's unlikely to get that from Mancini.

Given that he is generally liked, he is unlikely to upset the apple cart in the Man City dressing room (although there are some big egos in there, Mancini can generally get them to toe the line). Whether City will actually get some return this season from the £250,000 a week they are paying him will be down to Tevez's reasons for returning.

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