Monday, 27 April 2009

Fulham 1 - 0 Stoke City

I missed this game due to a wedding in the Cayman Islands, but I was very pleased to see I didn't miss out on a goal-fest. I have left my compatriots to explain what happened in the game.

Fulham were business like against mediocre opposition. We made few chances and seemed content to pass the ball sideways and backwards. 

Stoke's best player was their 12th man. They made a racket in the Putney end.

Three enforced substituitions could have consequences over the next few weeks for us though.

Have to agree with Col's summary of the game...
Fulham did as little as possible to ensure a win, preferring possession (68%!) over territory and attacking...
Schwarzer has an easy day at the office - Stoke didn't have a shot on target all day...
The away fans were awesome - only half of the stand (and they were
sectioned off!), but made more, louder noise than the Man U fans who had the entire section in previous weeks...

What appears to have happened now, though, is that Fulham have a very real chance of finishing in seventh and qualifying for Europe. Whether that is a good thing is debatable, however two wins out of the final four games should see Woy's team going on a European holiday.

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