Friday, 3 April 2009

£285 for a Premier League season ticket

Fulham have just released the pricing for next year's season tickets and I see that my seat has gone up in price AGAIN! A whole £20. The robbing swine. That's £1 extra per match. My season ticket has gone up 18 per cent since I started watching last season. It's nothing short of scandalous!
I am of course joking. I love sitting in the Hammy End and at £18.42 per game I think I will still get a bargain next year if I renew.
However a massive surprise is that there are now £285 season tickets - that's £15 a match - available in the Riverside Stand! While being my least favourite of the stands it is still rip your hands off cheap and well worth it for any football fan stuck in London town, away from their main team.
I don't know how people can afford not to go, personally.

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