Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Footballers' signatures - the new ENIGMA code?

As I work around the gambling industry I am more than acquainted with the man who does the PR for Fulham's betting & gaming partner Bodog (check them out at http://www.bodog.co.uk/), who very kindly sent me a signed Fulham shirt, seemingly from the record breaking 2009/10 season. The only thing is I can't make out a single signature. Not one. Here is a list of the squad from that season. Number 4 might be Erik Nevland because of the 10 next to it.

Anyone any ideas?


Bad Andy said...

Here's some suggestions so far:
1) Pascal Zuberbuhler
7) Chris Smalling
2 could arguably begin with a C, appears have have an I in the first word, and the surname begins with B. Chris Baird?
8 is just two initials. The second is E and the first looks like an extravagent P or D. David Elm?
10 appears to end with two 'Zs', which doesn't work. HOWEVER, it could be two '3s' with the first letter a 'T'. Toni Kallio?
13 seems to involve one initial of 'O' with a lot of swoopy lines that could indicate an attempt to get an 'S' in there. Stefano Okaka?

Anonymous said...

1. Pascal Zuberbuhler
2. Chris Baird
3. Wayne Brown (this is a guess)
4. Erik Nevland
5. Danny Murphy
6. Brede Hangeland(or Freddy Stoor)
7. Chris Smalling
8. David Elm
9. Simon Davies
10. Toni Kallio
11. Zoltan Gera & Dickson Etuhu
12. Diomnasy Kamara
13. Andy Johnson

Hope this helps.

Tommy Guthrie
Supporter Relations Manager
Fulham FC

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