Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Crime Thriller - Child Number Three

A quick plug for my friend Phil Martin, who is looking to get his book published. The first third of the novel can be read here. Unfortunately you need to register to gain access, but it doesn't cost anything. - Here's the synopsis:
Snatched, rescued and brought up in a loving environment, Amy Walker embarks on a journey of self-discovery taking her deep into a disturbing Chechen underworld
Having graduated from medical school, Amy Walker turns her attention to another lifelong ambition; finding out where she came from. Adopted by a loving couple, Amy believes she was orphaned in a coach crash in Tuscany. Her initial research tells her one thing; she was never on that coach.

Having exposed lie after lie, Amy confronts an evasive adoption agency and then her mother with fatal consequences. The discovery of a gun hidden in her father’s desk, a mysterious list of names and a passport stamp confirming his location at the time of the crash, all convince Amy she should stop at nothing to find out her truth.

After journeying to the shanty towns and palaces of Morocco, more untruths lead her back to a dark Chechen underworld, where Amy discovers she was the third on a sinister list of stolen children spanning two decades. Her quest alerts the abductors to Amy's existence but this is about so much more than just her. They're still in operation and Amy must stop them before they strike again.

Child Number Three must be silenced. Little girl lost must never be found.

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