Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mike Dean has offside issues

I've been catching up with last night's Match of the Day and watching the United v United match when Newcastle's hotly contested second goal sent me back a couple of years to a game at Craven Cottage. The link? Referee Mike Dean awarding a goal despite a player in an offside position interfering with play, and overruling his linesman to do so.
While on first viewing it wasn't readily apparent that Cisse had anything to do with the goal, on subsequent watches you can see how it can be argued that it was his presence that made Johnny Evans have a brainfart and put it into his own goal.
Tommy Huddlestone's strike, however, was clearly illegal from the Hammy End. Mind you, as the comments section on that post attests, it wasn't so cut and dried. At least this suggests a little consistency from Dean in that he seems to need a player to touch the ball in order to be active.

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