Thursday, 27 October 2011

Woy's wise words

He's still Fulham's greatest ever manager and continues to endear from The Hawthorns. here is what he had to say this week:
"The really worrying thing is seeing young children making obscene gestures when they don't know what they are doing. When I was growing up, watching Crystal Palace, you supported your club and cheered them on, but I'm not sure in those days that people even booed. The opposition were not there to be hated...Human nature should not astonish us, but what engenders that degree of hatred? I don't know whether we do enough to educate people to be more tolerant of the opposition, or whether society has changed to such a degree that it is impossible. Teachers are there to be hated, police officers are there to be hated. We don't seem to have many public figures any more who command respect. The people we look up to, it seems, are sporting idols, and even then we hate them if they are not ours."
 He does stand apart from most other British managers, doesn't he?

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