Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bad tidings - FUL 1 - 4 MCY

I was fortunate enough to miss the spanking by Man City as I was taking my father to a Celtic game for his birthday, but both Nicky and Jarrod were in attendance. Unluckily for them.

A chance to impress his former employees and the football viewing nation with his new-look Fulham team was squandered by Mark Hughes - who seems to be suffering from a lack of ideas as to how to play this current squad.

Jarrod commented: "It was dreadful! Absolutely…  Reminded me of the Fulham from the relegation battle. City had so much time and space in the middle and you could have driven a truck through our defence…

Having said that, 4-1 is probably quite flattering for Fulham…  A more attacking, adventurous outfit would have put 6/7 in the net! We held our own after half time, but that is probably more to do with City taking the foot off the gas…"

When pressed on whether there was any good points, he replied: "They were the good points! How about we only let in 4 goals? No one got injured? Don’t think that we had a winner anywhere on the pitch…  We spent half the afternoon playing long balls into Johnson (who surprisingly didn’t when them).  We had a bright 10 minutes at the start of the second half where we camped in City’s box but were unable to score. They then went to the other end, won a corner and scored a goal. But anything in the half is pretty much irrelevant."

Nicky was equally gloomy: "It was a bad game, one of the worst I have witnessed in a while. Ref looked to have bottled [a decision] on elbows and the like also! Looked to be a obvious elbow about 5 minutes from the end in the city box think it was Gera that was on the ball. The ref wouldn't even acknowledge it. Haven't watched any replays though so might not have been as clear as it looked."

She added: "Saturday is now a massive game!"

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