Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Key match - Blackburn preview

My mind keeps wandering to tonight's game and how important it is for Fulham to get a result. Defeat would see the Cottagers eight places from the drop zone, but only six points and stumbling into a bit of bad form.
Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce commented: "We could be playing them at a good time, mentally they might be a little drained because of their last two games. " He could be right. In all honesty, Fulham were looking tired 70 minutes into the game against Hull and adding the 90 minutes trouncing by United in the cup this weekend, Blackburn are likely to be much fresher and desperate side - they are in 18th place after all.
Neither team are particularly successful when conceding first, so the opening goal will be very, very important tonight. I am a pessimist at heart, which is why I'm thinking of having a bet on Blackburn winning 2-1. I call it emotional insurance. That way if there is an outcome I don't want, then at least I have some money to cushion the fall. It is also the reason why I'm thinking of having a little tickle on Fulham to be relegated at 33/1. If they win tonight - then there's no way in hell that they'll go down. However if they get beat four of the five teams left to visit the Cottage are from the top six and I wouldn't feel confident enough picking up the customary six points from Everton if they were scrapping for fourth in the league. The likely event of the FA Cup UEFA Europa League spot being transferred to the league standings (unless Hull win the cup) should also make them less keen.
Interestingly, Fulham's last match of the season could be against a team resting players for the FA Cup final for the second year in succession. It was enough to keep them up last year, hopefully things won't be as tense this season.

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