Sunday, 28 December 2008

Goodwill to all men...

Well not to Chelsea, obviously. Quite excited about today's game. Anything can happen. I have a feeling that Chelsea may just nick it like they did last year, but a good battling performance will do us proud.
The away draw at Spurs was a massive improvement on last year's 5-1 drubbing, although people are still having a go at Fulham away from home - that's four goalless draws on the trot now I believe. But these have been important points - its the five away draws that are keeping Fulham out of the relegation zone. Plus a 0-0 is only one step away from a 0-1. Here's hoping for the new year.
The Spurs match also appears to have heralded the first step in the rehabilitation of Chris Baird. Castigated all last season for sub-standard performances at right back, the crowd now audibly groan when he comes on the pitch - not a good sign for a confidence player such as Baird. However he filled in for Hangeland at centre half (the first time he's played in his natural position since joining the whites) and appears to have done a sterling job. Let's hope it can continue.


Dan Crawford said...

Small point Andy but Baird did play at centre back against Middlesbrough (away) last season and struggled to deal with Aliadiere. From where I sit at the back of the Hammersmith End, the groaning is more like booing but hopefully the Spurs performance will have put that to rest.

You were right about the battling performance, though. What a point!

AJ_Fulham said...

Mate, loving the blog, keeps it fresh for me now i am half a world away! Just heard the Fulham V Blackburn game has been called off, bastards, anythign to stop the run eh?

Keep up the blogs mate, love you work

Adam (H7 ex)

Bad Andy said...

Thanks Dan,
I must admit away matches I'm not too hot on.

Hey Adam.
Nice to know your keeping up with us!

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