Friday, 3 October 2008

Aldershot 3 - 2 Bradford City

Ha! You weren't expecting that were you! I go to a few random games so I thought I'd add my thoughts on a couple of them. Not strictly Fulham, but there's nothing you can do about it.
A friend of mine is a Bantam (a term no fan of Bradford seems to use - are they ashamed of it?) and persuaded us all to go to the Recreation Ground to see his side play. I've seen Bradford before, at Maine Road of all places, so I was up for it. Unfortunately it seems the players weren't.
The Recreation ground is strange. You practically have to go on a hike through a park to get to the visitor's entrance. It's certainly a unique place. Not many football stadia have three or four trees growing around the pitch.
The stand we were in, which brings a new meaning to the term 'restricted view', actually had a birds nest in the rafters. The home fans, newly promoted, were full of gusto and had a drummer or two conducting the songs. Or should I say song. Aldershot is an army town, so it was plain where the drummers were trained.
The game itself was exciting, even if the quality was turgid. One aimless boot upfield from the defence and the strikers seemed to be one on one every time. There were some fine, crisp strikes that went in that day, but the difference had to be Omar Daley. If he hadn't been playing for Bradford, they would have won. Having said that, if Peter Thorne had scored his piss poor penalty at 1-1, Aldershot might not have registered their first Football League victory since August 1991.

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