Monday, 25 August 2008

Fulham 1- 0 Arsenal

Well I don't think anyone was expecting that. The strangest thing was that it wasn't a totally undeserved win either. Arsenal were nowhere near as good as they had been last season and Fulham were far better in a game with very, very few chances at goal.
That's not to say it was a rubbish match; it was compelling and contained some very tidy football. Arsenal didn't really have a shot on target and the winning goal came from a set-piece, which could sum up the game.
Our new seats are slightly closer to the action, which sacrifices a bit of reading of the game, especially down at the Putney End, but we no longer get the chill wind from the Thames!
The atmosphere was really top notch, helped again by the paper clappers on every seat. I do wonder if the club plan to continue giving these out, especially at the cost of 50p per seat, but they are no doubt effective and helped keep the Arsenal fans subdued. It was Col's first game in the Hammersmith End and he was blown away by the atmosphere. We'll have some more of that, thanls very much.
There were no dud performances against the Arse, even Seol managed to do what he was there for and head the ball a few times, but there has to be special mention of John Pantsil. The guy is already a legend in my eyes - he was throwing himself into every tackle and even did his own lap of honour at the end of the game. What is it with right backs at this club? They're all slightly mentally unhinged and great.


Aman said...

As an Arsenal fan I just thought I'd say how impressed I was with Fulham.

I'm sure a lot of people will make the assumption that we must have been outmuscled by a physical Fulham side but it was nothing of the sort. I thought Fulham played a very impressive game of football and thoroughly deserved the win.

It was probably the worst Arsenal performance I've seen since, well, we played Fulham in 2006 and lost 2-1, but the centre mid pairing of Murphy and Bullard was class. Comes across as a little lightweight - they might struggle against more physical teams - but it's great to see as a purist and long may it continue.


P.S. looking forward to the return tie at the Emirates! :)

Bad Andy said...

Cheers Aman,
I must say Arsenal fans have been somewhat resigned and gracious in defeat. Fair play to you.
My second ever Fulham game was at the Emirates and I don't think I'll be repeating that particular 'pleasure'.

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