Saturday, 5 January 2008

Fulham 1 - 2 Chelsea

Well it was the first game under Woy Hodgson's direction, but the script seemed pretty similar. One up going into half time, only to be beaten in 90 minutes. In fairness to the new gaffer he hadn't had much time with the team, so he wouldn't have been able to change too much in that period of time, even if it was against a slightly lacklustre Chelsea side.
All the goals happened down the other end of the ground so we couldn't see what was going on, however the Hammersmith End were in good voice for this match. It's not often you can say that. Obviously it helped with being against the local rivals but I reckon the kick off also played its part. 12.45pm on New Year's Day - everyone is still pissed.
It was good to see Mauritz Volz playing as he added a bit of dynamism to the side, but Fulham were very poor and lucky to be leading. Strange thing is Chelsea were also incredibly poor, but deserved the win.
I'd never really noticed how big Michael Ballack is. He's massive. It' s just a shame he goes down at the merest touch. It's an even bigger shame that the referees keep falling for it, as happened here in my opinion.
While Ballack is big, Alex the centre half is even bigger. If you combined all the Fulham squad into one big, semi-talented footballing monstrosity, I kind of think you'd end up with something that does not look entirely dislike Alex.
The good thing about this game is, for the first time in three matches, we got to do the 'you're shit aaaah' chant to the goalie while they were taking a goal kick. Freak's of play (and Fulham not having any shots) means that the opposition goal keeper taking goal kicks at the Hammersmith End have been few and far between. In fact the first two goal kicks they had the bastard Hilario ended up passing it to the left back rather than booting it upfield, the bastard.
I'm not sure if anyone else is joining in when we barrack the goalie in this way, but we're enjoying it so we don't care. It's strange that most of the fun at this match derived from us singing daft songs about Jarrod pulling the night before rather than what was directly happening on the pitch. You've got to make your own entertainment at the Cottage these days.

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