Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Fulham 2 - 2 Blackburn Rovers

We're back! And it looks like normal service is resumed at Craven Cottage as well. For the first game since the first home game of the season, all five season ticket holders were present in their allocated seats for a match. Ironically not one of us was present for the previous match - the win against Reading as we were all abroad (myself in Oz with the others in Munich) .
Out of all five of us, Jarrod appears to be getting the worst value for money as he has only been to two league games out of the eight played so far, although it could be argued that Ish is not really getting quality from his season ticket as the guy sat next to him smells real bad. He also wants a friend so keeps talking to him, much to our amusement. On a couple of occasions he has even sat in Ish's seat when he didn't think anyone was going to sit there.
Anyway - the football. It seems that Danny Murphy has fit nicely into the team, but on Sunday made one of the worst tackles I have seen in a long time. It was like two windmills colliding. It probably wasn't as bad as it looked - the guy on the receiving end got back up straight away (more or less) - but it gained Murphy a well deserved yellow card. That was about all that happened in the first half, although I made sure I stayed and watched the injury time. I didn't want to miss another red card incident as I had done against Derby.
Contrary to all expectations, the second half exploded into life. Conforming to expectations, Fulham couldn't hold onto a lead. Blackburn were a strange side; when they wanted to play it looked like they could score at will, it just didn't look like they wanted to. Fulham played well and could have justifiably sneaked a winner near the end. But it's a strange experience being at a Premiership football match and cheering on Shefki Kuqi.
On another note - the nearby Larrick pub has burnt its bridges with us. Despite being happy to let us in before the match and previously after matches, they suddenly decide to say 'no colours' after the game. So the Temperance across the road will now get our custom.

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