Friday, 13 February 2009

Badges in the cottage

I've seen a few things this week online slagging off the Fulham badge. From a marketing perspective, I can see how it works, just about. It's a big old bold and easily recognisable piece of branding, which doesn't require a licence fee to the local council.
It's not exactly exciting though, is it? And the closest it gets to being historic is how it slightly resembles a swastika.
Anyway, I decided to create my own badge for Fulham and wanted it to have some cultural resonance. My first attempt was like a crazed opening of Eastenders, with the ground's position on the Thames being the main theme, but it was ultimately unsatisfying.
Then I discovered that it is thought that Craven Cottage was originally a hunting lodge. Combining that tidbit with the proximity of Bishop's Park and voila! an underlying theme emerged. Add a football theme with black, white and red motifs and we were there! Far more exciting that just the initials. It should appeal to the burgeoning US fan base as well.
Tomorrow sees the Fifth round FA Cup tie against Swansea televised, which I will miss as I have been learning to row this year and the early kick off clashes with my attempts to not fall into the Thames and bring 8 people splashing with me. For these past few years, I've realised I've hardly ever watched Fulham on television. Maybe it's because very few of their away games are live on TV. There's been a fair few home games televised, but more often than not I'm actually there - 3pm Cottagers my eye.
In fact i can only recall one game this season - the match against Everton, which I caught the last (and crucial) ten minutes. Still - the only reason why its being televised tomorrow is because ITV are hoping for a shock. In all honesty a Fulham away win will be a shock, but Swansea appear to be a bit too cocky at the moment, regardless of the form they are in. Another 0-0 then?

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